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Amiens and other tales

Discover the cultural heritage

The Somme is not only famous for its prehistoric history and archaeology but also for its Gothic architecture, of which one of the finest examples can be found in Amiens.

Spend some time enjoying the culture and festivities of this city, and its beautiful cathedral, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. At the foot of the cathedral, on the canal banks, stand the pretty little houses of the medieval Saint Leu district. The bright façades are now home to bars, restaurants, antique stores and workshops. Don't forget to make a trip to the floating gardens of the Hortillonnages as well!

Cultural outings can be continued at the Picardie Museum and Jule Verne's House. Outside of the city itself, head to Samara to immerse yourself in the prehistory period, Rambures where you'll be sent back to the Middle Ages, and Saint Riquier to visit the magnificent Renaissance style abbey.


They say the river Somme is the backbone of the department, crossing it from east to west.

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"Gâteau battu" is one of our traditional dishes, intimately linked to our culinary and gastronomic history.

With its enormous round towers, machicolations and path round the battlements, this castle is a superb example of 15th century military...

This large Prehistoric park covers 600,000 years of the history of mankind.

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The abbey of Saint-Riquier, founded in 625, has housed a Centre Culturel de Rencontre devoted to writing and books


A leap back in time to the fascinating world of the 19th century

Every December, for 18 years now, Amiens town centre has been transformed into Father Christmas's village!

Picardy was a pioneer of Gothic architecture, a land of cathedral master-builders

With its 300 hectares of water gardens, Amiens is known as the "Venice of the North".



Nature and Archeology

600 000 years of the history of Man

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Flea Market

October 2nd 2016

2000 exhibitors, 80 000 visitors

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Hortillonnages, Amiens


2h30 de balade en barque

From island to island, the works of artists and landscapers!

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Small macaroons, one of the famous Amiens specialities... Yum yum

Stop off at Amiens in a Michelin Guide-rated restaurant

Dominique and Eric, trained by Joël Robuchon (one of the famous finest French chief) join their...