Located in the north of Amiens and close to the Pas-de-Calais, Doullens is a charming in bloom city with houses dating at the 18th century, stanging proofs of its past splendour.

Doullens was at a strategic position. Nowadays, Doullens is famous thanks to its beautiful buildings.

Its citadel

The only currently visible Renaissance citadel, this is a masterpiece of military architecture at the end of the Middle Ages. It was especially created to be used by the growing artillery and served as a model for future Vauban citadels. It has conserved its remarkable sandstone ramparts, its circulation galleries and its shooting chambers.

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Not to miss!

> Discover the "plant walls" of Patrick Blanc :
In 1997, to commemorate the 10 years of "Journées Doullennaises des Jardins d'Agrément", Patrick Blanc, a famous botanist and researcher in CNRS made 2 "plant wall". One of them is planted with exotic species and the other one with plants of the picardy coast.

Hall of "Sole Command"

In this room in the Town Hall, on 26 March 1918, representatives of the allied forces met to delegate sole command of the forces to Marshal Foch. This major decision led to victory.

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Lombart Museum

This museum was created thanks to the generosity of Jules François Lombart, chocolate manufacturer and art enthusiast. It's a building from the end of the 19th century and there is a miscellaneous collection of paintings (Corot, Chardin, Daubigny...), testimonies of a philantropist's life, but also of a rich and varied local history.

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Its Belfry

This belfry dates from the 14th century. Symbol of the city's freedom, it was the aldermen headquarters and was visited by Richelieu and Louis XIV. The current façade dating back to 1613 is made out of rough bricks and stones. The Belfry has recently been added to the UNESCO world heritage with other beffries in Somme (Amiens, Lucheux, Rue, Abbeville, Saint-Riquier) and in Nord -Pas de Calais.

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Other activities

Markets: Thursday morning place Thélu (fruits & vegetables) and place Lavarenne ( clothes & accessories)


A lot of walks are possible in the Doullens region.
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The Tourist Office of Doullens proposes a guided tour to discover the citadel : every week-end during June & September
Everyday during July & August
At 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm

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80600 Doullens
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