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Amiens' Floating Gardens "Les Hortillonnages"

The Hortillonnages form a patchwork of 300 hectares (1.6 square miles) of market and floral gardens in the heart of Amiens.

You can visit them in special boats known as “barques à cornet”. The Hortillonnages form a patchwork of 300 hectares (1.6 square miles) of market and floral gardens in the heart of the city of Amiens. They are interlaced with 40,3 miles of small canals, known as “rieux” in the Picardy dialect.

These floating gardens, surrounded by the Avre and the Somme rivers, have been cultivated since the Middle Ages.

This idyllic place is the result of men's work who shaped these fertile islands on land recovered from the marshes. Until early last century, fruits and vegetables from the Hortillonages fed the city of Amiens. Until now on, this rich land produces up to 3 harvests per year.

Every Saturday, you will find a Market of fruits and vegetables.
You can buy radish, cauliflower, turnip, lettuce, leek, artichoke, ... as well as blackcurrant, redcurrant and even melon, fresh from the Hortillonnages !

Every year, in June, dressed in traditionnal costumes, the market gardeners travel up the Somme in their boats called "barques à cornet", as they did in the past. Then, they sell their products on the dock, at Saint Leu.

Prepare your visit...

Several possibilities exist to discover this unique site in France :

By boat

The Hortillonnages Safeguard Association organizes guided tours from April to October.
During the tour, you will learn about the flora and fauna, depending on the period of the year. At the reception office, a video presents the site and gives some explanations on the "Hortillonnages".
Information and booking :
Phone : +33 (0)3 22 92 12 18

By foot and by bike

From the Saint Pierre Park, you can walk or ride on a pedagogical footpath.

Consult the itinerary

By Canoe/ kayak

Rivery's Nautic Club proposes natural trails in the heart of the Floating Gardens.

Information :
Phone : +33 (0)3 22 91 63 75


Individuals - Groups (on reservation)
Guided tours by electric boat from April 1st to October 31st, every day, starting 2 p.m.

Rates :
Adult : € 5,70 - Child : € 3,80
Teenager (11-16 years old) : € 4,70

Hortillonnages Association:
54 Boulevard de Beauvillé
80000 Amiens
Phone : +33(0)3 22 92 12 18

To have more information, do not hesitate to visit Amiens website.

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