Fishing in the Somme river, in the north of France
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Goingfishingin the Somme Valley
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Going fishing

  • 900km of rivers
  • 6,000ha of lakes

Fancy bagging a few roach?

Rods at the ready!

The Somme is a paradise for anglers. It boasts 900 km of waterways along the Somme river, of course, as well as its tributaries the Avre, Ancre, Selle, Noye, Bresle and Authie. Then there are 6,000 hectares of lakes and marshlands for some great fishing trips with family or friends. The Somme Valley’s fish-filled lakes are a delight for all, whether you're a true angling enthusiast or just fancy the odd day out fishing. Whether you’re after white fish or predators, whether you like coarse or still fishing, with seed or fly, there's something for everyone!  Tench, zander, trout, pike and carp swim in these peaceful, wild and bountiful places.

Private fishing sites in the Somme include:
- Domaine des îles in Offoy
- Vivier d'Omignon in Saint-Christ-Briost
- Narvik in Rue
- La truite Saint-Martin in Villers-sur-Authie
- Etangs du Boisle in Authie Valley.

Fishing in the Somme

Favières-les saules-pêche©Comdesimages
Moyenneville camping le Val de Trie, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
pêche, somme©asflament
Ault pêche, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Hameçons pêche, Somme©ADRT80-MH
Corbie étangs de la barette pêche, Somme©asflament

AAPPMA: whassat?

Accredited Associations for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environments of the Somme

There are over 50 Accredited Associations for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environments in the Somme. When you take out a fishing permit with an agent, you automatically join the AAPPMA to which the agent is affiliated. The price of the fishing permit covers the Associations costs incurred in monitoring fishing, negotiating and operating fishing rights in favour of a large number of anglers, fish management and restocking, along with the protection of species and aquatic environments.

Download your fishing permit online

Fishing permit

Sailly-le-Sec camping les puits tournants, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Quend-camping le Domaine de Diane©Nicolas Bryant
Ault pecheurs de crevettes, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Seashore fishing

Bay shells and herbs

Seashore fishing for shells and grasswort is a source of income for many people in our region. It’s also a hobby practised by lots of enthusiasts. It is important for everyone to follow a few basic rules to preserve our region’s resources in order for those who depend on it for their livelihood and those who gather shells and herbs from the bay for their enjoyment can all continue to do so:

  • Please only fish for shells when the beds are open. You may enquire at the town hall or the Departmental Directorate of the Territories and the Sea to find out about permitted times.
  • In the Somme Bay, you may only gather shells of 3cm or more to preserve the resource and allow the beds to regenerate.
  • Only fish for your personal use - that’s why you’re allowed to pick a maximum of 5 kilos of shells per person and on the first low tide of the day. 
  • Recreational anglers may use a rake with 3 teeth to fish for shells.
  • You may pick up to 500g glasswort a day per person.

Did you know that seashore fishers are actually gardeners? They help maintain the Bay to promote the growth of a quality product. Picking glasswort by hand, using a knife or sickle is compatible with sustainable development. The natural riches of the Bay are a source of livelihood for nearly 120 professional fishers. They have mastered a technique that’s been handed down for generations to maintain the natural glasswort resources.

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Member of the Somme Fishing Federation

"Picardy offers all anglers a beautiful setting to fully enjoy your leisure activities and practise different fishing techniques. The Somme has 900 km of rivers and 6,000 hectares of lakes where you can enjoy delightful fishing trips and relax with friends or family."