Amazing race in the Bay of the Somme : The Transbaie
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Runningthe Transbaie racein the sand
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The Transbaie race

  • 6,500runners
  • 15km
  • 26June 2016

Crossing the bay

on foot, at a cracking pace!

The Somme Bay is well-known among amateur and professional joggers because of this race. It's a trail bordering on obstacle course!

The challenge is to cross the Somme Bay, as quickly as possible, before the tide comes back in!!

A pushover? It isn't actually, the Somme river may wind through very flat country but the bay is another matter entirely with soft sand, silt, salt marshes you climb over and down again, not forgetting the current to be crossed in Saint-Valery and a little river in Le Crotoy: the Dien! Well it beats the spa any day!

So are you game? See you on 23 June 2019!


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Transbaie, Somme©CRTP-RemiFeuillette
transbaie, Somme.jpg© Rémi Feuillette
Transbaie, Somme©Stephane Cauchy
Transbaie, SommeTransbaie©Stephane Cauchy
Baie de Somme Transbaie©comdesimages
Baie de Somme-Transbaie©Stéphane Cauchy

Combine the event with a break in the Somme! Here's a selection of accommodation available.

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"The softer the sand the harder the trail!" The participants run through mud, sand and puddles.
Transbaie, Somme©Stephane Cauchy
transbaie, Somme(c)Stéphane Cauchy

A hot-rod rally

for runners

The Transbaie is run by a seasoned team of volunteers and a strong local partnership.

  • Three teams blaze the trail as soon as the tide goes out. One starts in Saint-Valery and one in Le Crotoy. The third goes out in a sea-kayak.
  • The date is chosen very carefully according to the tide, with the race starting between 10.00 am and 2.30 pm on a Sunday.
  • Car parks are designated outside Saint-Valery-sur-Somme to handle traffic before and after the race.

Take a free ride on the little Somme Bay train to get to the starting point!

You sign up online! Make an appointment with your doctor to get your medical certificate straight away!

Let's talk ToDenis COURTOIS


"I have been organising the Transbaie race from the outset. It's no mean feat, with fresh challenges every year! It's a magical, legendary race, really tough according to the runners. For me, everyone's a winner!"