Arnaud takes you for a (boat) ride in the Baie d'Authie |
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Arnaud takes you for a (boat) ride in the Baie d'Authie

Arnaud Dambreville ©Nicolas Bryant


Sailing instructor, EVEILS Fort-Mahon-Plage

The wind in his sails – that's what our Seaman really loves! In a catamaran, dinghy or sand yacht – Arnaud has a wild time.

My 3 secret places in the Baie d'Authie?

- The spot where the seals bask... but keep it to yourself (!) 
- The little harbour of La Madelon with its access channel alongside the cabins
- Our private beach with the Bunker... leading to a unique panoramic view over the whole Baie d'Authie

What do you advise for people about to go on a boat trip?

Be curious and know how to swim... we'll take care of the rest!!!

My favourite activities in the Baie d'Authie?

Sailing, kayaking or sand yachting with friends at the end of the day, just before sunset, enjoying a beer and putting the world to rights (!)

Good places for a drink with your mates?

L'Amandine at Fort-Mahon-Plage and La Paillote at Quend-Plage, with your feet in the sand – it's great!

Catamaran en Baie de Somme ©Altimage©Altimage
Course voile Catatonic Fort-Mahon-Plage, Somme©EVEILS
Arnaud Dambreville ©Nicolas Bryant©Nicolas Bryant
Tricat 22 catamaran ©EVEILS©EVEILS


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