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Leisure activity and cohesion game in Amiens
The team investigation game in Amiens:
The Live Escape Game GetOut! in Amiens is designed to test your team building and team play skills. In this full-scale escape game, your detective acumen and your team are your best allies in getting out of the room full of clues. To get out of the room in the 60 minutes allotted, it is necessary to build a strong team. Identify the clues at your disposal, analyze them and connect them. From everyone's point of view and in the opinion of each inspector, the key to the puzzle will gradually emerge. The success of your investigation comes from the multitude of clues around you, but also from your team spirit and cohesion during the game allowing you to understand the meaning and the relationship between each clue.

A total immersion in this activity of cohesion:
A storyline worthy of the best detective stories takes you to a room... where you're locked in. You are 3 to 6 people, now detectives, who must use their ability to act as a team and with cohesion to unravel the mysteries of the clues left behind. If only one team out of two solves the plot, it is also because of the stressful situation in which you have to act. The master of the game, outside the team and the play, sees all, hears all. He has the opportunity to interact with you, to give you his advice, but will he? In short, your only certainty from the beginning to the end of the game is the 60-minute countdown, which is very little compared to the magnitude of this enigma. Will you get out in time?

Get out! Amiens currently has 3 puzzles.

The 3 puzzles are accessible P.M.R. (person with reduced mobility).

- 1 room " Les Secrets de la Panic Room " (The Secrets of the Panic Room)

- 1 room "The Cunningham Affair"

- 1 room "The Mysteries of Kellar"

Each of the rooms can accommodate a team of 3 to 6 detectives.

The ideal team consists of 4 or 5 participants.


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Get Out Amiens - Escape Game

9 Rue du Général Leclerc
80000 AMIENS

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