Johann takes you on an invigorating ride in the Somme Valley |
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Johann takes you on an invigorating ride in the Somme Valley

Johann Beldame ©JBeldame


Rafting Instructor

The natural white water spot at Picquigny has become his playground! Canoeing, kayaking, rafting – with Johan you're in for some real thrills!



My 3 secret places in the Somme valley?

- The Acon valley with its unique natural environment: you're on a plateau, an Iron-Age settlement, in fact … then you go through a wood with pine trees then a 'larris', a sort of Mediterranean limestone upland, before getting to the wetlands out of which the Acon still flows at times!

- The ruins at Boves by way of Le Fautimont and Bois Magneux woods, a good walk and a chance to see horses (it's actually on the river Acre which is a tributary of the Somme!)+The Bois de Cise with its cliffs, shingle and wonderful sea views (on the Somme coastline but that counts as well, doesn't it?)


What I recommend you do before setting off

Preparation is very important! Departure and (above all) expected arrival times, map of proposed route, waterproof box with mobile phone, first aid kit, drink, snack, plan a place to stop with something to see/somewhere to visit, suntan lotion or cagoule depending on weather. Always have a change of clothes (top and bottom) in your waterproof container, good closed shoes (stout sole) and give a copy of route map to someone who can alert emergency services if you don't come back! Contact the local club to find out of there are any reasons not to set off on the day planned.

My favourite activities?

- Running, it's not expensive and is possible everywhere! A great way to explore new ground!

- Canoeing/kayaking alone or with family or friends. When you have your own boat there's the Avre, a beautiful river, the Somme which is easy to navigate and I also like it along the coast. You can learn kayaking, surfing in the sea – it's takes some beating.

- Just going for a walk in a natural setting with my little family (no need for long hikes or lengthy trips, there are always little tracks to explore, a war cemetery, river, wood, … )


My selection of places to have a drink with mates!

I don't drink ! 

- Thézy-Glimont, the Café Couleur d'Antan or in my cellar, but don't talk about it, there won't be enough room for everyone!

- La P'tite cave at Montdidier for stocking up! It's a very good place to go, they offer good advice and there's a tasting "club" which it worth a visit ;-)  

- The new terrace at the Picquigny water sports centre after a good session of rafting!


Picquigny rafting, Somme©CRTPicardie-Comdesimages
Vallée de Somme-kayak©Matthieu Farcy©Matthieu Farcy
Picquigny rafting, Somme©CRTPicardie-Rémi Feuillette
Vallée de Somme kayak©Nicolas Bryant


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