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Julia and History (with a capital H)

Julia Maasen



Julia is a trilingual guide, originally from Germany, who came to live in the Somme, initially for her love of history and later just for love :-)

My most moving Remembrance site

The Frise viewpoint, as it combines beautiful scenery with history. Just by looking around you very carefully you'll see scars left by the Great War. And the words of soldier-poets and writers tell us so much more about this superb place …

My recommendations for eating out on the World War I Remembrance Trail

At lunchtime try the Old Blighty at La Boisselle where the mood of the day's activity can be perfectly preserved without your losing any time to explore Remembrance sites. Try their pumpkin soup when it's available. In the evening enjoy a more leisurely meal at the Auberge de la Vallée d’Ancre in Authuille. They have a huge selection of regional cheeses. Scrumptious!

My favourite season for going along the World War I Remembrance Trail?

No favourite season but a favourite time of day. Late afternoon when most visitors have already left and wide sunbeams light up gateways, porticos and poplar trees. A time of utter peace and quiet – in winter or summer.

Useful advice for getting around the battlefields

Always go around with a guide from the Somme Battlefields' Partner network. You'll be safely escorted by a real enthusiast with lots of information to impart! 

Mametz-Julia Maasen©Nicolas Bryant
Thiepval Tour d'Ulster, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Beaumont Hamel Mémorial Terre Neuvien, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Longueval memorial et musee sud africains, Somme©Nicolas Bryant


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