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We welcomeyour petin the Somme
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Organize my stay in the Somme with my pet

It is so simple

to travel with his partner

We give you all the keys to a successful stay in the Somme with your dog, your cat and even your horse. From accommodation to activities, make your research easier and enjoy the riches that the Somme has to offer you with complete peace of mind.

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I book a holiday rentals in the Somme

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It accompanies you everywhere

Why not in the Somme?


Many of you want to share your vacation moments with your pet. To make things easier for you, here is a selection of rural lodges that welcome animals:

In Amiens and near Amiens

In Somme Bay and Picardy coast 

In the east of the Somme

enlightened Special mention to the Dog Friendly station offered by the Fort-Mahon-Plage tourist office, it is a paradise for dogs ! 

Visit the Fort-Mahon-Plage tourist office website to find out more

Choose the Somme for a stay with your pet
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Coming in the Somme with your horse

For safe treks


The Somme is the dream destination for riders. Rich in its many hiking trails, it is also the territory where you can discover the Henson breed. Your horses will feel right at home here.

Discover the hiking trails on horseback

You are riders and you come with your horses, discover the list of equestrian centers of the Somme

For accommodation reserved for groups, click here

Let's talk ToBob

Faithful friend

My name is Bob, and it is very important for my owners and me to go on vacation together. The Somme is a perfect destination for that! I loved going for walks there and having the nose in the wind!

Addresses of veterinarians


In order to avoid panic once you arrive there and because you have to plan for any eventuality:

You will find by clicking here a list of veterinarians of the Somme to treat your animal


Kennels addresses


Sometimes the visits are unfortunately not accessible to dogs, even on a leash:

Here are some addresses where your animals will be pampered during your absence

To walk on the beach

What could be better than the beach and the kilometers of sand available to you and your partner to enjoy the great outdoors. Large areas of freedom are more sought after than ever and not all beaches are accessible to our four-legged friends.

enlightenedAuthorized ranges:

- Woignarue 

- Cayeux-sur-Mer (on a lead, outside the swimming area)

- Fort-Mahon-Plage (on a lead, outside the swimming area)

- Quend-Plage (on a lead, outside the swimming area)

- Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (on a lead)

Forbidden beaches:

- Ault 

- Mers-les-bains 

- Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont