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Nature guide

Guide? or artist? Both! Maxim is a local, he is crazy about the Baie and just loves to share it!

What's the most exciting thing about your job as a guide?

What I love most of all is the Baie de Somme. I was born here and I'm very attached to my little corner of the world. I start my guided tours by talking about my great grandmother who was a shore fisher. My roots are here. I love the vast, wild scenery of the Baie, the wealth of plants and wildlife swarming in the sand and flying in the sky, the shades of colour, the almost supernatural light. If you're a guide you want to share your passion, talk about it, pass it on.

But you're a rather unusual guide, aren't you?

I like to have fun with things that can be found in nature. I often encourage my group to create an ephemeral work of art using shells, bits of driftwood or sea-wrack. There are Land Art excursions during the Bird Festival. I try to get people interested in protecting the environment, the marine world, in the problems of pollution and recycling of plastic waste – I show them how to plait rope found on the "deserted beach" to make nautical key rings called 'monkey's fists'. I also like to teach them how to weave grass.

Some rather unusual outings are also on offer, I believe?

Yes, in addition to classic tours such as crossing the Baie or seal watching, with binoculars and telescopes so as not to disturb wildlife in its natural habitat, I also arrange rather more original outings like a night tour to explore the mysteries of Valery-sur-Somme in moonlight or an outing for children, called "seaside detectives", a kind of treasure hunt when we talk about crabs, shrimps but also pirates.

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Maxime©Maxime Zissel©Maxime Zissel
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Maxim Marzi 
26 rue du Canal 
80230 Pinchefalise 
Phone : 06 13 22 00 02
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