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Take to the skies with Dominique

Dominique Duriez_autogyre©Nicolas Bryant



Dominique is a nurse anaesthetist but, above all, he's hyperactive, very curious, ready for anything and hooked on adrenaline. One project ends, he's already thinking about 3 others!

What is an Autogyro, Dominique?

They're also called Gyrocopters. Flying in one is pretty amazing. With the rotary wings you can enjoy outstanding visibility. They're very safe and can fly in all weathers, including strong winds, because they don't stall.

Where are you going to take us in your machine?

First we'll admire the Somme valley from the sky. In places it's dead straight, in others it's full of curves and bends, and dotted with lakes. Early on spring and autumn mornings it's misty: just magical! Another favoured destination: the Remembrance trail, cemeteries and memorials from the Great War. Blastholes, trenches: seen from the air they are very impressive and moving …

What gave you this idea?

I've had a microlight pilot's licence since 1989, it's always been a passion of mine. Because I love to try out new things, make discoveries, get off the beaten track … when I came across autogyros for the first time I was smitten and I love the thought of being a pioneer! 

Dominique Duriez_autogyre©Nicolas Bryant ©Nicolas Bryant
Autogyre©Aérodom ©Aérodom
Vallée de Somme©Guillaume Fatras
Autogyre©Aérodom ©Aérodom


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