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Thomas can take you out in the Baie de Somme

Thomas Tellier©nicolasbryant



Thomas is a nature lover and knows the Baie like the back of his hand. Follow your guide!

My favourite activities in the Baie de Somme?

The Baie is best explored on foot, naturally! But don't forget boat trips which give you the chance to see a different aspect of the Baie: high tide! The Parc du Marquenterre is well worth a visit. It's a place to rest for the Baie's main guests, birds! If speed is your thing, try sand yachting in the north of the Baie!

My advice for venturing out in the Baie?

You need the right equipment to enjoy a nature outing in the Baie! In cold weather boots are essential! In fine spring/summer weather an old pair of shoes will suffice or (even better) neoprene rubber shoes so you can literally 'feel' the Baie.

My favourite outing?

A trip round the Baie! Starting from La Maye car park (near Le Crotoy), it's a trip of about 2½ hours, suitable for everyone, that lets you experience the immensity of the Baie. Over sand banks, mud flats, salt marshes , you can observe its wildlife– birds and seals, of course!

My suggestion for a romantic dinner?

The Buvette de la Plage at St-Valery-sur-Somme, of course. A magical spot with wonderful views of the Baie and no cars! 

Traversee a pied Baie de Somme©comdesimages
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Thomas Tellier©nicolasbryant©nicolasbryant
Traversee a pied Baie de Somme ©Nicolas Bryant


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