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Travel to the centre of the Earth with Caroline

Naours Caroline Lebourgeois, Somme



After working as a casino manager and at Eurodisney, Caroline is now in charge of the Underground village at Naours…

OK, Caroline, shall we all go and "mucher"?

"Mucher" is a Picardy word meaning to hide or go to ground. Picardy has always been a land of war and invasion and the local people took refuge in underground shelters, or "muches", like the one at Naours, seen as the most typical and complete in Northern France. Over 30 metres deep, 28 tunnels were dug out of the limestone of the Picardy plateau. Public areas, bedrooms, a chapel  - to provide shelter to the village people and their herds.

Does the site offer other activities ?

There are now plenty of recreational activities. In addition to the Underground village, you can see listed mills, play a round of mini-golf or try out Krobranch', a tree-topping centre open to children as young as 5, because it uses intelligent karabiners. 4 circuits, 50 workshops, a series of zip lines – you'll be surprised. We also organise a number of special events: concerts, drama, escape games, 'Horror underground' at Halloween...

Naours is also closely linked to the history of the Great War?

That's right. 2,000 graffiti were rediscovered on the walls of the cave, left by soldiers of all nationalities. During the Great War, Naours became a tourist destination. Off duty soldiers, behind the lines, were offered outings and tours to keep their minds occupied. Naours was one such destination.

Naours Caroline Lebourgeois, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Naours grottes, Somme©Jérôme Halatre
Naours Krobranch, Somme©Jérôme Halatre
Naours grottes, Somme©Jérôme Halatre


Cité souterraine de Naours 
5, rue des Carrières
80260 Naours 
Phone : 03 22 93 71 78 
Web site

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