Notre-Dame cathedral in Amiens in the Somme (north of France)

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Unesco CathedralAmiens, in France

Notre-Dame cathedral in Amiens

  • 68years' work!
  • 307steps up the north tower!
  • 750statues on the outside !

The lightest and brightest of them all !


his magnificent 13th century edifice, work of the great Medieval master-builders, was built in record time. The shell of the building was completed in 68 years - which was very short for those days!

This jewel of classical Gothic architecture combines all the features of contemporary buildings: flying buttresses and ribbed vaults which allowed the cathedral to be flooded with light. The many stained glass windows were essential for creating the light and airy feeling inside the building and replaced the solid walls of Romanesque architecture.
The labyrinth, 234 metres long, is unusual due to its octagonal shape and central stone, paying tribute to its builders: the founding bishop, Evrard de Fouilloy, and the three masters of works for the construction. If you can, be sure to climb the 307 steps in the north tower. The fabulous view from the top will make it all worthwhile.

amiens_cathedrale © adrt_80_garry.jpg

Lacework carved in stone !


This was how the west front of the cathedral was described by John Ruskin, author of the Bible of Amiens.
The statuary is outstanding, with over 700 statues on the outside!
Each figure, each chimera, each quadrilobe has its place and tells a story...
It is the largest cathedral ever built! With a surface area of 7,700 sq.m. and volume of 200,000 cubic metres.


Major events

Free light and colour show, "La cathédrale en couleurs" on the cathedral square
from 15th June to 3rd Sunday in September
and over Christmas and New Year period
from 1st December to 1st January.
June >> 10.45pm
July >> 10.30pm
August >>10pm
September >> 9.45pm
December >> 7pm

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Vessel of light inside, bible carved in stone outside

"La cathédrale en couleurs"


Every summer and winter since 1999, the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Amiens regains its original colours...
Colours which bestow all of its symbolic meaning and enable us to interpret this extraordinary façade.
Each colour is applied with astonishing precision. Every evening on the Place Notre-Dame you can enjoy a wonderful show going back to the time of the master-builders.
Take a guided tour or hire an audio-guide but, whatever you do, don't miss this cathedral, ready and waiting to tell you its story ....


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Tour guide

"This church is extraordinary because its structure is extremely light and balanced and it is also for this reason, I think, that visitors find it so delightful. Thomas de Cormont performed an incredible feat in flooding this cathedral with light".

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