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Up in the trees

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Harness, karabiner, pulley – and you're ready for a tree top adventure!

There are 4 sites in the Somme department, open from early spring to late November, where you can experience 'life at the top'. Great for families (secure courses with safety nets) or for an exhilarating time with friends (physically challenging and/or thrilling courses). Why stop there? Go literally flying through the air on the "bungee ejection" or try out a laser game, on the ground in an outdoor setting!

Lastly, try something completely different … and sleep in the tree tops... ! 

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Quend arbre et aventure, Somme©Somme Tourisme-DM
Saint Valery sur Somme accrobranche©ParcSalomon
Quend arbre et aventure©ADRT Somme
Quend arbre et aventure, Somme©Somme Tourisme-JL


Terrain d'aventure at Ailly-sur-Noye: ideal for young children (3 years and above) with 2 fully secure courses (safety nets) which they can try without a harness, meaning they can be comfortable during this activity! The site is also great for older children and adults with 5 progressively more challenging courses with very fast zip lines – exhilarating thrills guaranteed! We were also very taken with some of the workshops proposed by the man who created the adventure park himself (but we won't spoil the surprise!). As a bonus, you will find picnic facilities on-site plus hanging tents for spending a night in the trees!

Arbre et aventure at Quend-Plage: good for children (5 years and above) with 3 low-level courses with harness and karabiner and fun workshops. There are 5 progressively more challenging courses for adults, including one we really liked with lots of zip lines! As a bonus, the adventure park is on a cycle track and beside a play area suitable for small children!

Parc Salomon at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme: ideal for beginners. The 2 children's courses are at adult height (so you can help them manage karabiners), so youngsters from 3 years old (or less if they are really keen!) can try out this activity. The green course for children (5 years and above) with an adult is at an ideal height for enjoying a wonderful experience with your child! Finally there are 3 more challenging courses for adults to enjoy! As a bonus, the park is in the Baie de Somme!

Try an open air laser game, sleep in a treetop tent, have a go on the bungee ejection!
ailly-sur-noye tentes, Somme©SommeTourisme-DM
ailly sur noye parc aventure, Somme©Somme Tourisme-DR
ailly-sur-noye panneau jungle laser, Somme©Label-laser