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Onhorseback IN THE SOMME
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On horseback in the Somme

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On horseback


The Somme has many hiking/riding trails whose leafy settings you can explore with your horse all year round. From beginners to the most experienced riders, everyone can enjoy the freedom of long rides gazing at the Baie de Somme or in the very peaceful setting of the Somme valley.

In these truly natural surroundings you are sure to feel totally at home and enjoy an invigorating and energetic holiday! List of treks, riding schools/centres, unusual places to see, unmissable events, hints & advice for riders – it's all here... 

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Chevaux en balade ©Benoit Bremer
Boxes ©ADRT80-AB
Chevaux sur la Baie©Cavalcade
Cheval dans un boxe©ADRT80-JL
Curage ©La Claire Fontaine

The Somme


You'll find everything you need in the Somme, whether you come for a week with your own horse(s) or are trying out riding for the very first time.

Riders can go trekking and find accommodation nearby.

Something a bit different: explore the Baie de Somme on a donkey with Delphine

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Lâcher de chevaux©Domaine du Lieu Dieu
Cheval au repos©ADRT80-CP
Bombes©Centre Equestre Vieille Eglise
Henson©La Claire Fontaine

Horses and the Somme



Celebrity gee-gees

They need no introduction: Hensons, the most famous horses in the Baie de Somme. They are gentle and affectionate, perfect for beginners wanting to explore Le Marquenterre nature reserve and its surroundings on horseback.

Find out more about the Henson breed


Horse & carriage rides

Enthusiasts will enjoy an accompanied outing in the Selle valley, organised by Les Ateliers du Val de Selle.

Find out more about Les Ateliers du Val de Selle

D'Artagnan trail


Mount up and follow in the footsteps (or hoof-marks !) of one of the most famous figures in literature and history – D'Artagnan! A small part of his epic ride from Lupiac to Maastricht passes through the Somme. This first European equestrian trail includes 240 waymarked kilometres for horse riders, hikers and cyclists. From Ailly-sur-Noye to Doullens, by way of Ham, Péronne and Corbie, you can explore the Somme, its heritage and scenery and get to know its people as you ride along.

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