Sand yachting in the Somme, north of France
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Adrenaline Land-sailing

Thrills and spills with sand-yachting

  • 7 - 77year-olds
  • 90kph
  • 4clubs


Where the wind rules

Why not head for the long sandy beaches in Marquenterre, to the north of the Picardy coast, between Quend-Beach and Fort-Mahon? It's one of the best spots to try sand-yachting!

Sessions last about three hours and you can get started in a matter of minutes.

You learn to manoeuvre and to direct the sand yacht by gauging the wind, and soon get to enjoy the heady sensations of speed.

Your sand yacht can hit 90 kph!

Choose your land-sailing school!

Char à voile, Somme©SommeTourisme-LP-imarep
Char à voile à Quend, Baie de Somme©SommeTourisme-AB
char à voile, Somme©Frédéric Léonardi
Char à voile Quend, Somme©SommeTourisme-AB

Freedom and fun, fuelled with adrenaline

An easy, accessible sport

For anyone aged 7 to 77, land-sailing is fun for all, affording a fantastic feeling of freedom.

You feel the wind in your sails and the wheels crunching seashells. You fill your lungs with sea air and get refreshed with spatterings of sea spray!!

The best moment? Right after high tide. The sea has washed out, the beach is a vast stretch of virgin sand, the only traces on the damp sand are those of your land yacht.

Come visit our land-sailing schools

There's a choice of land-sailing schools so you can go with what's available near the place you're staying at. Eolia and Ozone have daily lessons, so there's bound to be room for you in one group! Aéris and File aux vents adapt to your needs, which is ideal whether you're alone, with a partner or the whole family, for made-to-measure lessons.

Sand-yachting schools

Sand-yachting is for people of all ages. It's easier than riding a bike, with plenty of thrills and spills right from the start!
char à voile, Somme©SommeTourisme-LP-imarep
Char à voile à Quend, Baie de Somme©SommeTourisme-AB
Char a Voile Fort-Mahon, Somme©SommeTourisme


A great way to start out!

With Sébastien's 2-seater land yacht, anyone and everyone can try it out. You can keep your toddler on your lap while Sébastien steers: it's fun for all!!

Those who are dubious about going it alone can also go for this option. You can try steering first and dealing with sail body tension afterwards to boost your confidence!

Once you've got the hang of it, you can strike out alone, straight away or during your next lesson!!


Available at Aéris Char à voile!

Let's talk ToChristophe Klepmann

Sand-yachting instructor at Ozone

"After a 45-minute introduction to sand yachts, you can set out on a 25-km hike over deserted beaches. The terrain varies with wind direction. The sand can be soft or compact, making for different land-sailing experiences."