Gourmet walk in the Baie d’Authie, near the Baie of the Somme
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gourmet hiking Authie bay
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Gourmet walk in the Baie d’Authie

  • 2,5hike through the dunes
  • 119hectares
  • 4hectares covered in sea lavender

Smaller version

of the Baie de Somme

The Somme is especially well known for its world famous Baie de Somme. Today however we will discover its 'little sister', the Baie d'Authie, less well known but just as attractive!
The Baie d’Authie forms a natural border between the departments of the Somme and the Pas de Calais, between Fort-Mahon-Plage in the south and Berck-sur-Mer in the north. It is, of course, much smaller than the Baie de Somme but its small surface area is home to an incredible concentration of habitats.

oreilles de cochon, Somme©comdesimages
salicornes, Somme©R Jacq_smbs-glp
La Baie d'Authie©SommeTourisme-DM
salicornes, Somme©SommeTourisme
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Discovering wild plants

which are edible

The Baie d’Authie is home to a host of edible wild plants which are very good for your health. Some nature or naturopath guides offer accompanied outings during which they will tell you the secrets of this natural food-store.
A real treat for the five senses. You may come across evening primrose, for example, a wonderful plant whose oil is used in cooking and for cosmetics.
Be sure to taste the little orange sea buckthorn berries, they are bursting with vitamin C.
A number of products in the Baie de Somme are made from sea buckthorn: tea, fruit jellies, cordial, sorbet, etc…
Then there's mugwort which goes very well with fish - it's a bit like thyme or sea purslane with its pretty silvery leaves.

Hubert Lévêque, naturopath Tel.: 06 63 68 61 28
Jérôme Mouton, "THE" specialist guide for the Baie d’Authie Tel.: 03 22 25 09 52 - lemouton.noir@orange.fr
Fort-Mahon-Plage Tourist Information Office Tel.: 03 22 23 36 00

Discovering wild plants: Evening primrose, Sea buckthorn berries, Mugwort, Sea Purslane, Sea lavender, ...
salicorne, Somme©SommeTourisme
Vélos, lilas de mer, caphornu, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Salicornes, Somme©SommeTourisme
Vélos, lilas de mer, caphornu, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Sea lavender

salt meadows covered in mauve

Don't miss this lovely sight in summer in the Baie d’Authie: sea lavender covering the 'mollières' (salt meadows with little pools) in a carpet of mauve, from July to October. NB. Picking these plants for resale is NOT allowed.
Picking for yourself or with your family is allowed but only a reasonable amount (no more than a small bunch per person). Before leaving the bay, be sure to explore the superb sand dunes, a listed nature reserve. It's a very easy walk along a short footpath, with signs and waymarks. Leave yourselves 1 hour to cover the 2.5 km, going past 'pannes', damp hollows with remarkable biodiversity (water mint, European tree frogs...)
"La Dune de l’Authie", departure point: L'Authie car park


Let's talk ToHubert Lévêque


"Here, all five senses are alert. Seeing the lovely scenery; hearing the bird song; smelling the fragrant plants; touching them to feel their texture and tasting them, of course."