Cayeux-sur-Mer and the Pointe du Hourdel : observe the colony of seals
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The Pointe du HourdelCayeux-sur-Mer
©Nicolas Bryant

Cayeux-sur-Mer and the Pointe du Hourdel

  • 3lighthouses
  • 14km of beaches
  • 420beach huts

Cayeux-sur-Mer and Le Hourdel

To the lighthouse

Le Hourdel is a hamlet in Cayeux-sur-Mer featuring a striking green and white lighthouse which marks the south entrance to the Somme Bay. You can reach this little fishing port by bicycle by way of a safe cycle path. It's the ideal place to watch the Somme Bay seals.

Cayeux-sur-Mer means "Pebbly-on-sea", but the resort has much more to offer than that. It also boasts old-fashioned beach huts, a trail through dunes, pine woods in Brighton (yes, there's one in France too!), fresh air and a huge sandy beach visible for 1½ hrs at low tide.

Destination Cayeux-sur-Mer

LeHourdel-bateaux, Somme©Frédéric Léonardi
Phare du Hourdel, Somme©Somme Tourisme
le Hourdel observation phoque par une petite fille, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Cayeux kitesurfers, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Cayeux sur Mer route blanche, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Phoque en Baie de Somme©PicardieNature

Destination: nature !

If you love the beach, hiking, wide open spaces and fresh air, in the company of your loved ones, family or friends, the Cayeux-sur-Mer resort is for you, since it boasts :

  • a 14-km coastline with varying landscapes
  • the longest boardwalk in Europe lined with over 400 beach huts
  • the Hâble d'Ault bird reserve (admission free)
  • blazed trails through the pine woods, for walks catering to the whole family
  • a 3-km trail known as the "Route blanche" through the dunes (closed to cars)
  • the Pointe du Hourdel and the largest colony of harbour seals in France
  • the most beautiful kite-surfing spot in the north of France!
Cayeux-sur-Mer, the top holiday resort with all seaside activities!
Cayeux sur Mer voile, Somme©apvp
kite surf, Somme©CRTP-RemiFeuillette
Cayeux sur Mer paddle, Somme©Nicolas Bryant