Canoe/kayak in the Somme, north of France
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Bay and ValleyCanoeingHortillonnages marsh gardens
©Nicolas Bryant

Take a canoe, kayak or raft deep into nature

  • 12minimum age to go sea kayaking
  • 25mthe distance you must know how to swim
  • 10sea circuits

Sea kayaking

in seal country

A magical experience: a chance to venture forth on the sea on board a kayak. You board in complete silence, you slide over the water and come to new viewpoints to admire the landscape. You can use the kayak to get to spots that are inaccessible on foot. You dart between the high grasses and reeds, sometimes you get to share the sea with seals out fishing. While they are not as vulnerable as when they're on the sandbanks, you still mustn't come too close.

"A la rencontre du flot" is a physically demanding excursion, you need strong arms. Children are admitted as from 12 provided they are with an adult. You must be able to swim at least 25 metres. Everyone has to wear a life jacket and properly fastened shoes.

Club contact details

Baie de Somme kayak©Nicolas Bryant
Baie de Somme kayak©Pascal Bachelet
Baie de Somme kayak©Nicolas Bryant
Picquigny rafting, Somme©CRTPicardie-Comdesimages
Saint-Valery kayak, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Bathing in nature

in the Somme Valley

Follow the current of the river Somme or the Avre and dive into the heart of nature. Your club takes you in a minibus to your starting point up the river. Once on board the red, green and yellow canoes, you can let the current propel you along and enjoy the prospects, sailing among herons and kingfishers.

The best place to finish? The Hortillonnages marsh gardens are great, with their 300 hectares of floating gardens.

You'll need:

This set of 10 suggested trips put together by the Somme Canoe-Kayak committee. It suggests itineraries to explore the Somme department by water, showing points of embarkation and disembarkation. All the fact sheets can be downloaded free of charge.

Suggested trips

"The rivers in Picardy are as gentle as a moving walkway". Pierre Baux, Rivery boat club
Avre canoë, Somme©CRTPicardie-Rémi Feuillette
Vallée de Somme kayak©Nicolas Bryant
Vallée de Somme-kayak©Matthieu Farcy©Matthieu Farcy
Picquigny rafting, Somme©CRTPicardie-Rémi Feuillette

A rafting experience

on the bubbling brooks of Picquigny 

Head for Picquigny! Meet at the Catiche, the all-new water sports centre with changing rooms, hot showers, meeting room and a huge hangar for the boats.

Call Johann to book a raft: there are 4- to 10-seaters available. He supplies everything you need: a dugout, life jackets and helmets. The session starts with a little briefing: how to sit in the raft how to handle the dugout the safety rules.

After a simulation on land, you set out for this unique white water spot in the north of France and some great fun!
Bumping, sliding and crepe attacks galore!

They don't let on about everything, so the session springs a few surprises!

Contact details for the Picquigny water sports centre

Let's talk ToJohann Beldame

Member of the Somme Canoe-Kayak committee

"Picardy has some of the best white water spots in the north of France. There are hundreds of kilometres of river to be discovered. What I love about canoeing is getting to places you can't get to on foot. We move silently over the water, so we don't disturb animals. We often come across deer and kingfishers."