The WW1 Somme Battlefields, France - The GreatWar 1914-1918 : Memorials
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The memorials, symbolic of an international war

  • 30allied nations
  • 400gardeners at the CWGC
  • 72thousand "Missing In Action" in Thiepval

The Commonwealth Memorial 


Built with 10 million bricks, the Thiepval Memorial rises 45m high to overlook the notorious Thiepval Ridge. It is quite simply the most majestic British war memorial in the world!

Soak up the Edwin Lutyens spirit. From 1929 to 1932, he worked on a poignant tribute in stone for the 72,000 British and South African soldiers who died or went missing in the Somme between July 1915 and March 1918.

Before heading to the site, you can learn about the battle and honour the dead at the Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre. Tel.: +33 (0)3 22 74 60 47 -


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The Newfoundland Memorial


Explore the vestiges of the trenches and no-man's-land at the Newfoundland park in remembrance of the men who died during the terrible battle.

Memorials to the 29th British Division and the 51st Scottish Division on Caribou Mound list the names of 820 men from Newfoundland who lost their lives during WWI and whose burial site is unknown. The park is at once a commemorative site and a circuit explaining the battle for history buffs.

Tel.: +33 (0)3 22 76 70 86 -

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A Neo-Gothic memorial now stands in Thiepval, where troops from Ulster fought.

The Ulster Tower is also known as the Belfast or Helen Tower.

This red dragon grasping barbed wire in Mametz wood depicts the sheer determination of the Welsh troops!

Troops from the southern hemisphere honoured


As with the many Australian homages in Péronne, Pozières and Villers-Bretonneux, Longueval honours international remembrance past, present and future! This memorial pays homage to the South African and New Zealand troops' bravery and fighting spirit.

As does the South African National Memorial and the museum in Delville Wood where the only tree to survive the battle is still standing; the obelisk erected in memory of the New Zealand troops at the starting point from which they heroically took Flers; and the Caterpillar Valley cemetery wall listing the names of the 1,205 men from the New Zealand Division who perished in the Somme in 1916 and whose bodies were never found.

Tel.: +33 (0)3 22 85 02 17 -


Let's talk ToCarl Liversage

Director of Public Relations, Western Europe, CWGC

"Cemeteries and memorials built and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the Somme are a constant reminder of the fighting in this region during WWI. The Thiepval Memorial is the largest Commonwealth war memorial in the world."

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