Amiens and the Somme river
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riverSommein the city

A river in the city

  • 300hectares of 'hortillonnages' (marsh gardens)
  • 4locks in the urban area
  • 116thousand visitors to the 'hortillonnages' with the APSSEH

The river Somme


They say the river Somme is the backbone of the department, crossing it from east to west. This could also apply to the city of Amiens. The majestic river is the spine of the city, irrigating its different districts.
Along the Quai Bélu, it flows past the terraces of restaurants in the Saint Leu district. In the Hortillonnages it transports market gardeners and tourists in their boats, surrounding the plots of fertile soil and creating a multitude of little islets.
At the Saint Ladre lakes, the river becomes a marsh, home to an extraordinarily rich eco-system.
Along the banks of the Saint Maurice district, in Saint Pierre Park at Dreuil, it borders the tow path, a paradise for joggers and roller-bladers.

See the map of the Somme Valley cycle route

kayak hortillonnages, Somme©SommeTourisme
Barque, hortillonnages, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
hortillonnages, barque, vue cathédrale Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Outings on the river


At the Café 'Au Fil de l’Eau' you can hire little cruise boats for a full or half day.
In the Hortillonnages, you can take a trip on one of the 'barques à cornet' (boats with one raised pointed end) with commentary from the boatman.
Or you may care to hire an electric boat and discover the artistic creations to be found on different islands , as part of the 'Art, Villes et Paysage' Festival.
An alternative could be a kayak trip down the river Avre (a tributary of the Somme) finishing up at the heart of the Hortillonnages.
There is even some extraordinary accommodation - unusual properties where you can stay in the middle of this unspoilt and truly exceptional setting at the very heart of the city.

  • Trip in a 'barque à cornet' through the Hortillonnages – Tel. : 03 22 92 12 18
  • 'Art, Villes et Paysage' Festival –  Tel. : 06 74 88 38 58
  • Café 'Au Fil de l’Eau' –  Tel. : 03 22 91 43 22

Our selection of boat trips !

In the heart of the city: a feast of blues and greens. A breath of fresh air!
Amiens, Parc Saint-Pierre©Alba Bayès
Amiens, Planet Nautic ©Julie Guérin
Amiens, Parc Saint-Pierre©Ronan Le Bideau
Amiens©Ronan Le Bideau

River cruise


Amiens is also home to the maritime and river authorities which control boating on the river.
Lock keepers help amateur sailors throughout their trip along the river by opening/closing the different locks.
River/sea authority – Tel.: 06 74 83 60 69

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“I'm very keen on getting people to try some of the forgotten vegetables, the ones our forebears used to eat but which have gradually disappeared from our plates. I now grow marrows, parsnips and common purslane (a type of lettuce rich in omega 3)."