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Surf, turf and golf!

  • 5golf courses in the Somme
  • 99holes
  • 31,376m of circuits

Golfing in the Somme,

to each their own green

There are golf courses in both the Somme Bay and Amiens.

Belle Dune with its sea views has the best reputation and is closest to the Somme Bay.

Nampont-Saint-Martin has two 18-hole courses in two different yet glorious settings. The Abbeville golf course nestles within a dry valley, presenting more technical and physical challenges.

Nearer to Amiens, you'll enjoy the greens at the Amiens golf course located in Querrieu. The flat woodland course is easy to reach for most people. Lastly Salouël is the only 9-hole course. It requires a fair amount of technique, posing various challenges among the trees in the rolling grounds.

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The Somme Bay Golf pass

take up the challenge!

The Belle Dune, Nampont-Saint-Martin and Abbeville golf courses have teamed up to give you access to all three Somme Bay golf courses.

You can swing your clubs at all three golf courses over up to 7 days for an attractive price.

It's ideal if you'd like to spend a weekend pitting your golfing skills against your friends. Given the variety of technical challenges, anyone could win!

Book your pass online!

Book the Somme Bay Golf Pass for a long weekend or week.

Special rate for all three golf courses presenting various challenges.


Somme Bay Golf Pass

A golfing holiday at Domaine du Val, for an experimental immersion.
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Golf d'Abbeville©domaineduvalDomaineduVal
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And for novices?

Have a swing at it!

Contrary to what you might think, golf is pretty easy for both adults and children, experts and beginners! Each golf course has:

  • golf school for children aged 5 and above.
  • Professionals to teach you the basics and etiquette rules such as minding others' games.
  • Golfing equipment for the introductory courses.
  • An introduction to golfing jargon including terms such as the fairway, swing, chipping, drive, par and scrambles.
  • Golf competitions all year round for all levels.

And if you're not that into golf?

You can tag along with your partner and kids to relax at the club house: sipping a cup of tea or hot chocolate admiring views of the golf course can be a great way to wind down!

Let's talk ToEuloge Hotab

Golf trainer and coach

"From the moment you first tee off at Belle Dune golf course, you'll see it's a great course, with plenty of character. It's a real pleasure for me to teach here. I get to meet top-flight players and I enjoy the fresh sea air over the dunes and among the pine trees."