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A taste of the country

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  • 16th Century: Amiens macaroons were created

Picardy specialities

Our local recipes

'Ficelle Picarde': this is thin savoury pancake wrapped around a slice of ham stuffed with sliced mushrooms. The stuffed pancake is then browned in the oven in a creamy sauce.
Fruit and vegetables: there are market gardens all along the Somme, particularly in the fertile soil of the Hortillonnages (marsh gardens). Radishes, cauliflowers, turnips, lettuces, leeks, artichokes plus blackcurrants, red currants, even melons are just some of our local produce. We have two symbolic recipes: 'Hortillons' soup and leek flan! The Ponthieu and Santerre regions are responsible for 3/4 of national chicory production. Chicory growing developed in the Somme between the two World wars. This vegetable can be used raw in salads, braised or wrapped in ham and baked in a cheese sauce.
'La Rabote': Picardy dessert made with a peeled and cored apple, filled with sugar and baked in a square of puff or short crust pastry.
'Gâteau battu': a type of brioche, tall and cylindrical in shape, golden yellow inside with a lovely brown crust.
Amiens macaroons: It was the Trogneux bakery which first devised the "Amiens macaroon" in their shop on the cathedral square in Amiens. They are made with almonds, sugar, honey, egg whites, sweet almond oil and bitter almond essential oil.

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Amiens Légumes des Hortillonnages, Somme©CRTPicardie-Comdesimages
Ficelle picarde©ADRT80-PC

Our country markets

Baie de Somme –Picardy coast

Abbeville: Saturday morning, Thursday (except last week in month, Wednesday) (Place du Grand marché)
Airaines: Friday afternoon, every other Sunday morning
Ault-Onival: Saturday morning all year round (place Charles de Gaulle), Wednesday mornings in July/August (at Onival)
Blangy-sur-Bresle: Sunday morning
Cayeux-sur-Mer: Tuesday morning, Friday morning, Sunday morning
Crécy-en-Ponthieu: Monday morning
Le Crotoy: Friday morning (place Jeanne d'Arc) all year round, Tuesday morning (rue de la République) in July/August
Escarbotin: Wednesday afternoon Feuquières-en-Vimeu, Friday afternoon
Fort Mahon-Plage: Friday morning all year round and Tuesday morning in summer Gamaches: Saturday morning
Longpré-les-Corps-Saints: Wednesday morning (place du Marquelet)
Mers-les-Bains: Monday & Thursday morning all year round, Friday 4-8pm and Wednesday 5-10pm in July/August, sale of fruit and vegetables, fish Saturday & Sunday mornings all year round.
Oisemont: Saturday morning
Quend-Plage: Monday morning and Thursday morning in July/August
Rue: Saturday morning (place de Verdun)
St-Valery-sur-Somme: Sunday morning (place des Pilotes) and Wednesday morning (place du Jeu de Battoir)

In the east of the department
Albert: Saturday morning and 1st Wednesday in month
Bray-sur-Somme: Wednesday afternoon (all day on 1st Wednesday of month) Chaulnes: Thursday morning (place de la Mairie)
Combles: 1st Sunday in month (NOT January)
Ham: Saturday morning (rue de Noyon)
Montdidier: Thursday morning (place Charles de Gaulle)
Moreuil: Tuesday morning (place Norbert Malterre)
Nesle: Friday morning (place du Général Leclerc)
Péronne: Saturday morning (town centre)
Rosières-en-Santerre: Tuesday morning (rue du Niger)
Roye: Friday morning, 1st Sunday morning of each month (place de l'Hôtel de ville)



Enjoy the taste of all these good things! Our little country markets offer the best of Picardy produce...
Pomme rabote©ADRT80-PC
Amiens-halle du beffroi©Hannelore Balesse ©Hannelore Balesse
Le Crotoy-marché©CRTPicardie-Baieattitude

Our country markets

near Amiens

Ailly sur Noye: Wednesday morning (place Charles de Gaulle)
Ailly-sur-Somme: Saturday morning
Amiens: Wednesday and Saturday (place du Beffroi), Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon (place de Gorlitz) 2nd Wednesday in month (place de Bourgogne), Friday morning (green grocers and fishmongers - esplanade Edouard Branly) Saturday morning (place Parmentier and avenue de Picardie), Friday morning (fish market) and Sunday morning (place du Colvert), Friday morning (farm produce – Route de Paris)
Beaucamps-le-Vieux: Wednesday morning
Camon: Thursday morning Corbie: Friday morning (place de la République)
Conty: Friday morning (rue de la Poste)
Doullens: Thursday morning (place Thélu and place E. Andrieu)
Longueau: Wednesday morning (place Louis Prot)
Picquigny: Sunday morning (place de la Gare)
Poix-de-Picardie: Sunday morning (place de la République)
Pont-de-Metz: Friday afternoon (place de la Salle des fêtes)
Rivery: Friday afternoon (organic produce – Impasse Marcel)
St-Ouen: every other Saturday morning (rue de la République)
Villers-Bretonneux: Wednesday morning (place Charles de Gaulle)

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Market gardener in the Hortillonnages

"After Christmas and New Year indulgences, make your own detox mixture by putting alternate layers of black radish and sugar candy in a litre size jar. Put on the lid and leave in the bottom of the fridge. Your cordial will be ready the following morning."