The Bay of the Somme, nature reserve on the coast of northern France !
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The SommeBay
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The Somme Bay

Our most beautiful Bay in the world

Somme bay is a unique location where water, marshland, dunes and salt-meadows combine; where land and sea merge into one and the horizon is lit with soft, opalescent colours.

Henson horses are small, sweet and rustic, with a golden coat.

Discover the only complete 18th century Cistercian abbey in France. It was around this magnificent Abbey, founded in the 12th century by monks...

Promenade et chasse aux trésors de la nature, on respire un grand coup !

A walk along the cliffs for panoramic views...

The Baie d’Authie is home to a host of edible wild plants which are very good for your health.

All aboard with the Commandant Charcot!


Explore the teeming flora and fauna of the Somme Bay!

Explore this beach, with its marina and an endless beach!

Spring is the best time for birdwatching, and this annual festival offers nine days of immersion in nature for the whole...

The Somme Bay is a natural source of infinite riches, boasting magnificent flora and fauna: salt marsh lamb, shellfish, fish and bay herbs all...

Stakeholders committed to preserving the bay's natural features and sharing its values and spirit have made it a model for development......

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme owes its rich and eventful history to its strategic position on a limestone promontory facing the ...

The seals can be spotted resting on sandbanks which emerge as the tide recedes. This is where they recharge their batteries, give birth, feed...

Marquenterre park boasts 200 hectares of dunes, forests and marshes in the Somme Bay nature reserve.

Tides dictate the pace of life in the Somme Bay. The landscape changes with the ebb and flow of the water.

Cayeux-sur-Mer and Le Hourdel: great destinations to enjoy nature and fresh air!

Genuine Belle Epoque carriages drawn by valiant steam locomotives take you to Le Crotoy, Noyelles-sur-Mer, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and...

Head for Abbeville, as the gateway to the Somme Bay. Who'd have thought this was a port in the Middle Ages...


The Marquenterre

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Le Neptune


Quiet and comfortable 2 star hotel, recently renovated, located at the entrance of the city center of the stati...
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Le Carré Gourmand


Located right in the center of Le Crotoy, Philippe offers a cuisine based on local products, finely...
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You'll love: the breathtaking sensation of speed as you ride along the sandy beaches!
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Parc du Marquenterre


Located between Le Crotoy and Quend, in Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, the Marquenterre park is an ornithological reserve, a must-see during your stay on the Picardy coast.

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