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Abbey and gardens ValloiresArgoules
©R.Duthilleul Destination Baie de Somme

Valloires Abbey and gardens

  • 5000roses and other plants
  • 8hectares of gardens
  • 12thcentury, abbey

Magnificence in a gentle setting

Superb abbey and outstanding garden


Go to Argoules, in the Authie valley, to see the only complete 18th century Cistercian abbey in France (!)
It was around this magnificent Abbey, founded in the 12th century by monks from Cîteaux, that the Valloires gardens were created in 1987, to a design by the famous landscape gardener, Gilles Clément.


More about the Valloires abbey

Argoules-Abbaye de Valloires ©Beracassat
Jardins de Valloires ©Sommetourisme-JL©Sommetourisme-JL
Jardins de Valloires© Nos Cœurs Voyageurs
Argoules Jardins de Valloires, Somme© Destination Baie de Somme
Jardins de Valloires-atelier enfants ©ADRT Somme©ADRT Somme
Argoules Abbaye de Valloires, Somme©P.Noiret

The Valloires gardens

5 themed gardens to visit throughout the seasons

Covering 8 hectares, the gardens comprise 5,000 species and varieties of old roses and rare shrubs. Lying on the valley floor, the gardens follow its contours, with a difference of over 25 metres between the highest and lowest points.
What's interesting about these gardens, apart from the wealth of plants, is the way they have been designed: plants and shrubs are classified according to their decorative characteristics and not by family, as in traditional botanical gardens.
Throughout the year the gardens are the setting for a number of events, such as the 'Journée de la coccinelle' (Ladybird day), the 'Journée des peintres' (Painters' day) and the 'Fête de la citrouille' (pumpkin festival). Gardening and garden cookery courses are also available.
The shop sells seeds and plants for collectors, perennials, old roses, ladybird larvae plus a range of local specialities: dandelion liqueur, salt meadow lamb pâté, rhubarb juice...

Fancy eating some flowers?

Don't just tour the gardens, taste them as well! At 'La Table du Jardinier' restaurant you can sample creative, modern cooking based on plants, flowers and fruit. Every mouthful is surprising (!)
Bar, tea room, restaurant and take-away
Reservation recommended, call 03 22 23 71 13
Restaurant capacity: 40 seats and 30 seats on terrace.

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"I certainly didn't expect to taste the whole garden in a single dish!"
Gastronomie-cuisine aux fleurs ©Ronan Jacq
Gastronomie Soupe d'orties, Somme©Ronan Jacq
Gastronomie glace aux fleurs, Somme©Benoit Bremer
Jardins de Valloires_roses en fleurs ©Destination Baie de Somme©Destination Baie de Somme


Rose de Picardie

© Created by the David Austin nursery in 2004, "The Rose of Picardy ©" is a lovely symbol of peace and the shared history of France and Great Britain.
On sale at the Valloires gardens.


You can also spend the night at the Abbey (!)

Elegant 18th century Suites overlooking the gardens or cloisters or Spartan monks' cells for an authentic monasterial experience. You will pay between 60€ and 120€ for 2 people, depending on dates and time of year. Tel. 03 22 29 62 33

More about the Valloires abbey's accommodation


Let's talk ToSophie Nothum

Director of the Valloires Gardens

"You can visit the Valloires gardens in every season. In Winter the structure and design of the garden are clear to see: tree bark, winter-flowering shrubs, such as witch-hazel or mahonia. You can also see the first bulbs appearing, Christmas roses ..."