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History of Crécy forest a peaceful place
©Nicolas Bryant

Crécy forest : for a walk in a peaceful place

  • 4000 hectares
  • 20remarkable trees
  • 8pedestrian loops

Immersion in the forest  

The silence feels good! 


The wood is a quiet and peaceful area. It’s a place where we can relax and breathe. We are waiting for you in the largest forest in the Somme: in Crécy-en-Ponthieu, near the sea. 

We soak up the smell of humus, moss and fern, we breathe deeply! Beech and oak are the kings of wood.

We feel the energy and nature’s positive waves pass from the roots of trees to the roots of our hair. We love the rustling of leaves in the trees and branches creaking under our feet.

Senses are blooming, disconnection can begin!

Find your itineraries (French version)

Forêt de Crécy ©Stéphane Bouilland
Forêt de Crécy ©Nicolas Bryant
Forêt de Crécy ©AS Flament
Forêt de Crécy ©Dorothée Maréchal
Forêt de Crécy ©Dorothée Maréchal
Forêt de Crécy ©Dorothée Maréchal

The scene of the Hundred Years' War 

Page of history 


The Crécy Forest is also an emblematic place of history. In 1346, the French army of Philippe VI de Valois bowed before the King of England’s troops. So the Hundred Years' War began. 

Stop to the wooden tower. That's the belvedere where Edouard III observed the surronding area. 

Advice : Visit the tourist office before to go. They will give you a map with few details and a list of remarkable trees. 

Tourist office 
32, rue du Maréchal Leclerc de Hautecloque
80150 Crécy-en-Ponthieu
Telephone number : 03 22 23 93 84

The unmissable things of the Crécy Forest (French version)

Circuits for walking, cycling or horse riding and picnic areas to make our lives easier.
Forêt de Crécy ©Dorothée Maréchal
Forêt de Crécy © Dorothée Maréchal
Forêt de Crécy ©Nicolas Bryant
La Roulotte des Ramolleux, Forêt de Crécy ©La Roulotte des Ramolleux

Sleep at the edge of woods  

La Roulotte des Ramolleux

It's possible with Valéry and Stéphane in the Fermette des Ramolleux at the edge of Crécy forest.

For a total immersion, we choose to spend the night in the caravan.

A small key is hung inside, it opens the doors to the kingdom of greenery. Take the opportunity to discover this famous Ramolleux oak tree next door, 600 years old!

Book your stay 


In a castle on the outskirts of the forest 

Hélène welcomes you in the White Tower for a 100% relaxing and family stay. Kids will love it!