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On footCrossingthe Somme Bay
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Crossing the bay with fascinating guides

  • 6kilometres wide
  • 3hour hike
  • 22Qualinat-approved nature guides

Fascinating guides

Unforgettable excursions

Drawing on guiding experience at the bird and nature festival, a key event in the Somme Bay, we now have a network of well-trained, seasoned nature guides in the Somme department. They can guide you safely through the forest to explore the teeming flora and fauna of the Somme Bay, protecting you from high tide and other dangers. 

These guides are often locals who grew up here. They can give you a great Somme Bay experience since they live here, they have seen the area changing, they know it inside out and love it well.

One of the most emblematic, even legendary excursions is the bay crossing between Le Crotoy and Saint-Valery-sur-Somme at low tide. The excursion lasts 3 hours. It is somewhat taxing because of the slippery, soft sand and trickles of water to jump over.

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Crossing the Somme Bay with Thomas

randonnée en Baie de Somme©CRTP-NicolasBryant
randonnée en Baie de Somme© CRTP
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Sortie nature en Baie de Somme© Comdesimages
le crotoy la Maye, Somme©SommeTourisme
Sortie nature guidée en Baie de Somme©ArjanBronkhost

Suitable gear 

to take with you

Windcheater, sun cream, cap, sunglasses, boots in winter, old trainers or flip-flops in summer and drinking water

The guides get you back safely: they can arrange for a car to pick you up at the other end, a Somme Bay railway ride, or a 12-km walk or bicycle ride along the coast path.


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You can taste all sorts of unknown plants rich in sea salt, iodine, vitamins and crunch: the bay has many rich flavours!
Sortie en baie, Somme©Stéphane Bouilland
Sortie crépusculaire, Somme©Stéphane Bouilland
Sortie en baie de Somme en famille©Stéphane Bouilland
Sortie nature, Baie de Somme ©Stéphane Bouilland

From one surprise to another

flora and fauna 

You'll discover all sorts of curious creatures in the silt, like worms with teeth, and weird molluscs. You see what drives local hunters laying await in their huts. And the children will just love scooting about in the silt! 

If this excursion leaves you wanting more, there are plenty of other excursions on various themes: eventide, gastronomic and cliff-top excursions, the grand tour of Marquenterre, etc.

Safety instructions

to be followed

The Somme Bay is an amazing natural environment, driven by the tides, which are as impressive as they are unpredictable. There are many risks: wind, fog, getting swamped and so on.

For your safety, please do not venture out alone in the bay and follow these instructions:

- find out about the tide times and weather conditions.
- leave the Somme Bay 3½ hrs before high tide and wait at least 1 hour afterwards before heading out (by prefectural decree dated 19 July 1977)
- make sure you have: means of alerting others of emergencies and emergency numbers, suitable clothing and first aid kit.
- choose excursions with professionals working with Qualinat.

Let's talk ToEmmanuel Dubert

Nature Guide, Promenade en baie

"Taking a walk in the Somme Bay is a state of mind. The bay appeals to all your senses, as you taste glasswort and sea asters, watch seals in the sea, smell the distinctive whiff of the salt marshes and wormwood and listen to birds singing as they enjoy their sea buckthorn berries."