Ault on the Picardy Coast: Visit Somme
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Ault hiking with view Bois de Cise
©Nicolas Bryant

Ault and Bois de Cise: a walk with panoramic views

  • 80metres high
  • 65million years
  • 149villas in Le Bois de Cise

Dizzy heights

a change of landscape

To the south of the Somme Bay, sand gives way to pebbles and gains height. The cliffs of the Seine-Maritime start life in the Somme. Breathtaking, pearly white and bathed by turquoise waters, the cliffs afford panoramic views as far as the eye can see. You can walk along the clifftop path (do take care) waymarked by the Federation or (a safer option) call on the services of a guide, such as Olivier Hernandez (Sens Naturel). During your clifftop excursion, he can tell you all about the geological history of the cliffs, 65 million years old, and help you observe the local wildlife: gulls, fulmars and peregrine falcons.


vu sur les falaises, Somme©crtp-nbryant
couple falaises, Somme©crtp-nbryant
Ault bois de cise, randonnée sentier du littoral, Somme©SommeTourisme-CP
Sentier du littoral, falaises, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Ault bois de cise, Somme©SommeTourisme-CP
Pause famille en haut des Falaises, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Life at low tide 

below the cliffs

If you suffer from vertigo try a nature walk along the foot of the cliffs to explore life at low tide with a CPIE nature guide. You can discover creatures living in the rocks, probe the sand, examine rock pools and take a good look at shellfish and crustaceans: mussels, crabs, winkles, limpets but also fossils, seaweed and sea anemones. You'll find out a lot about their lives during the 2-hour outing. Nature walk: rock creatures, shellfish, crustaceans, fossils, seaweed, sea anemones...


  • Office de Tourisme d’Ault – Tel: +33(0)03 22 60 57 15  See the website
Nature walk: rock creatures, shellfish, crustaceans, fossils, seaweed, sea anemones...
Ault bois de cise, Somme©SommeTourisme-CP
Randonnée aux falaises©SommeTourisme
couple devant falaises, Somme©crtp-nbryant
Ault bois de cise, Somme©SommeTourisme-CP

Little gem

Bois de Cise

Third option, head for Le Bois de Cise, a leafy setting tucked away in an indentation in the cliffs.
Away from the wind and the sea spray, many plants and trees flourish here: beech and oak trees, carpets of bluebells and daffodils all around the Belle Époque villas standing on this headland.
Céline, from Ault Tourist Information Office, with the aid of old postcards, will tell you the history of this sea

Let's talk ToCéline

Ault Tourist Office

"Le Bois de Cise is a remarkable natural site. I will describe how this little natural wood, originally wild and unoccupied, became a famous seaside resort in the Belle Époque, thanks to a visionary who used every means at his disposal to turn this wood into a renowned resort."