Rugby and The Great War
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The Great War Remembrance

Rugby and The Great War

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A time to play, a time to remember


Born in England in 1823, rugby developed significantly during the First World War: many rugby players enlisted during the conflict, bringing the sport with them to France.

As a result of the deadly fighting, many of these rugby players were killed in action, particularly on the Somme. As part of the Rugby World Cup, we invite you to follow in the footsteps of these men and pay tribute to them.

Trace the journey of rugby soldiers

Mémorial néo-zélandais de Longueval© Somme Tourisme
Mémorial de Thiepval© Somme Tourisme - Gary
Longueval contexte historique
Caterpillar Valley cemetery à Longueval@Somme Tourisme

Rugby players buried or commemorated in the Somme

  • Thiepval Memorial: Eric Milroy, Rowland Fraser, Rupert Edward Inglis, John Abbott King, Edward John Thomas, Horace Wyndham Thomas, David Watts, William McFadzean, Alfred Frederick Maynard, Lancelot Andrew Noel Slocock
  • Caterpillard Valley (New Zealand) Memorial Longueval: Robert Stanley Black
  • Méricourt-l'Abbé Communal Extension: Tobias Moll
  • Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension: Frank Reginald Wilson
  • A.I.F Burial Ground Flers: Hebert Jones
  • Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery: William Georges Tasker
  • Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension: John Lewis Williams
  • Daours Communal Cemetery Extension: Roland Elphinstone Gordon
  • Roye New British Cemetery: Harold Augustus Hodges

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Cimetière britannique© Somme Tourisme - Nicolas Bryant
Photo de rugbymen (Vignacourt)©Vignacourt14-18
Cimetière britannique© Somme Tourisme-Nicolas Bryant

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