Jules Verne in the Somme : his House in Amiens and Le Crotoy
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HouseJules Verne Amiens
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Jules Verne in the Somme

  • 1882Arrival at the Maison de la Tour
  • 62extraordinary journeys
  • 30000Objects in Gondolo Della Riva collection

A lovely house well worth a visit !


They moved into the famous Maison de la Tour in 1882. This house symbolised social success in the new Henriville suburb, a bourgeois district that had only just been built, south of Amiens. The railway had replaced the old city walls and an incredible surge of modernity was breathing new life into Amiens! Jules Verne could see the railway tracks from his window as the house was right next door! The sound of trains didn't bother him, it reminded him of his youthful years spent in Paris. This attractive bourgeois house fulfilled all the criteria for a fine residence of the period, beginning with the carriage entrance ... for carriages to pass through! Go through this entrance and you'll find yourself in the 19th century, a time of almost tangible romanticism. The superb canopy of glass and iron, surrounded by pretty mosaics, affords a glimpse of the winter garden, "the height of fashion" at that time!
Jules and Honorine lived in this large house for 18 years, up to the year 1900. Today every room is given over to the writer's life.


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Guided tour



As you go from room to room you can see objects and documents belonging to Jules Verne, his family and friends.
This is the amazing Piero Gondolo Della Riva collection, acquired by Amiens Métropole in 2000, comprising 30,000 items, most of which are on display in the house!
In addition to these, you can experience the bizarre and sometimes even megalomaniac world of characters straight out of his 62 Extraordinary journeys, during one of the guided tours, in costume, performed by members of the house team!

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Imagination runs riot throughout the House!
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Major events


  • Saturday 18th May: European Museums Night
    free tours of the Jules Verne house from 7pm to half past midnight!
  • Saturday 11th June: Steam House (Maison à Vapeur), (evening / book ahead)
  • Friday 5th August: 'La Grrrrande auberge du Tour du Monde' (evening / book ahead)
  • Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November: 'Fantaisies chez Monsieur Verne' (dramatised tours)

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"Atmosphere is absolutely vital in Jules Verne's House! ... A leap back in time to the fascinating world of the 19th century. A century of creativity, great discoveries, the development of modern science, when everything seemed possible to humans. More than a place of work, this house is a daily delight to our team and one which they try and share with its visitors."