Somme Valley
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River Sommevalley
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Somme Valley

  • 120km of cycle track
  • 8'Maisons de la vallée' (accommodation)
  • 28viewpoints

Cycle track

Somme Valley

The tow path alongside the river has been converted into a 120km cycle track with modern facilities. It's a safe way to go from Péronne to the Baie estuary at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. Along its route there are picnic areas, bike racks, Bistros de Pays serving local food. To be sure of seeing everything on this riverside route, buy Michel Bonduelle's brand new Véloguide, "La Somme en roue libre", published by Ouest France. It advises on which routes to choose, on alternative routes, where to eat and stay overnight with information on the tourist attractions found along the route.

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La véloroute Vallée de Somme

Véloroute Vallée de Somme©Stéphane Bouilland
Vallée de Somme©Conseil départemental©Conseil départemental
Belvédère du Crotoy, Somme©Philippe Sergeant
Vallée de Somme©Nicolas Bryant©Nicolas Bryant
Kayak en vallée de Somme©Mathieu Farcy©Mathieu Farcy
Bivouac en vallée de Somme©CRT Picardie-Nicolas Bryant

'Maisons de la Vallée'

Refurbished lock keepers' houses

All along the river, 9 refurbished lock keepers' houses, part of the valley's rich heritage, provide accommodation:
• Frise Supérieur: large gîte and area for pitched tents - 06 99 88 86 88
• Frise Inférieur: centre for long distance kayaking - 06 99 19 95 47
• Eclusier-Vaux: Café de la Vallée, two gîtes and large dance hall - 06 99 88 86 88
• Froissy: Café de la Vallée and small gîte on upper floor - 06 74 90 14 57 (closed at the moment)
• Lamotte-Brebière: Café de la Vallée and area for pitched tents - 06 04 51 76 94
• Ailly-sur-Somme: Tourist Information Office with bikes, kayaks and electric boats for hire - 03 22 51 46 85
• Long: river interpretive centre
• Saint-Valery-sur-Somme: water activity centre "La Canoterie"
New: small barge for hire, based at river port authority at Cappy. Tel.: 03 22 76 02 13

Plan your own route, your own weekend, based on what the valley has to offer and your desires!

Sleeping along the river

Accommodation along the river totally enjoyable cycle trip, wide range of water-based activities, simple accommodation and catering in old lock keepers' houses: everything that touring cyclists could desire!
Véloroute Vallée de Somme©asflament
Maison de la vallée, Somme©Conseil départemental
Balades en bateau, Somme©copainsbabord
Dreuil les Amiens Téléski nautique, Somme©Amiens Cable Park

The Somme

A playground

  • Boat trips

All along the valley Planet Nautic has opened centres for hiring electric boats
- 90 min., 3 hours or a whole day (no need to recharge the battery)
- Lock-keeper's house at Lamotte-Brebière-Amiens - 03 22 27 71 60
- Café au fil de l'eau - 6 bd Beauville in Amiens - 03 22 91 43 22
- Ailly-sur-Somme Tourist Information Office - 11 rue du Pont - 03 22 51 46 85
- Eaucourt-sur-Somme - 06 41 94 46 05
Canal boat hire at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme - 06 82 32 37 70 -

  • Cable water skiing

New at Amiens: since May 1st 2016 you can try water skiing on the lakes at Dreuil-les-Amiens - thrills and spills guaranteed.
Amiens Cable Park - 06 63 38 67 39

Let's talk ToClaire Blin

Somme Valley Project, Departmental council

"The Somme valley is a new nature destination! It is being shaped and structured a little more each day. We are banking on the valley's natural resources and peaceful countryside to attract tourists. The creation of the Somme Valley cycle track was the first major step, followed by the 'Belvédères' (panoramic viewpoints) route. In a few weeks' time we will be opening the 'Maisons de la Vallée': accommodation and cafés which will enhance the hiker/rider experience."