The Somme Bay, a kite-surfing destination!
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Somme BayKite-surfingdestination

The Somme Bay, a kite-surfing destination!

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Kite-surfing schools

Success with safety

There are several courses catering to all levels ranging from introductory to advanced.

The instructors at our schools all have a diploma in their discipline. They share their knowledge and enthusiasm while ensuring your safety.

Land-sailing, wind-surfing, water-boarding: there'll be no holding you back! 

See you in Cayeux-sur-Mer:

> Kite-surfing in the Somme Bay

See you in Fort-Mahon:

> MS Kite


homme dans coucher de soleil avec voile, Somme©SommeTourisme
Cayeux kitesurfers, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
kitesurfer, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
kitesurf cayeux, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

Somme Bay spots

There are three spots in the Somme Bay: the salt marsh between Le Hourdel and Cayeux-sur-Mer, the Le Crotoy north beach and Fort-Mahon-Plage in Authie Bay.

Each spot has its own features and challenges. We recommend talking to regulars from both local clubs:

> Ches Cayteux in Cayeux

> Flux-Id Kitesurf in Le Crotoy

The Somme Bay Kite-surfing Challenge

First held in 2011, this kite-surfing competition is a great opportunity for all kite-surfers to pit their skills against other opponents and the elements!

Baie de Somme Kitesurf Challenge

Land-sailing, wind-surfing, water-boarding: there'll be no holding you back!
Kitesurf, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
kite surf, SommeCRTPicardie
kite surf, Somme©CRTP-RemiFeuillette
kitesurf, Somme©Nicolas Bryant

The Somme Bay nature reserve,

a protected area

Kite-surfing is prohibited in the nature reserve, because the sails frighten birds and seals away. It is exhausting for the birds, and mother seals abandon their young.

Local clubs are involved in the nature reserve and have signed the Somme Bay Users and Service Providers Charter.

If you go kite-surfing in Le Crotoy, please be careful not to go beyond the yellow buoys marking the entrance to the Somme Bay Nature Reserve.


Let's talk ToNicolas Bryant

kite-surfer with an interest in photography and video

"I've knocked about in various countries and have now settled down in the Somme Bay. The light and colours of the bay are an endless source of inspiration for photography as well as being an excellent spot for my second hobby, kite-surfing!"

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