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castleRambures mediaeval
©Nicolas Bryant

Rambures castle, immerse yourself in the Middle Ages

  • 1412year in which the present castle was built
  • 600years in the same family

... an imposing 15th century fortress


With its enormous round towers, machicolations and path round the battlements, this castle is a superb example of 15th century military architecture.
The Rambures name was first heard in the middle of the 11th century.
Since then, Rambures family land was used for the construction of several buildings away from the old feudal motte. The castle you see today was the first in France to be built in "stone and brick" with new types of defences. It was completed in the 15th century, during the Hundred Years War.
The design of this unique site was attributed to David de Rambures, Grand Master of the crossbowmen of France, the highest military rank at that time, Lord Rambures in Shakespeare's Henry V.

Vue aérienne du Château de Rambures, Somme©Chateau de Rambures
Neige au Château de Rambures©Chateau de Rambures
En famille dans les jardins du Château de Rambures, Somme©Chateau de Rambures
Château de Rambures, Somme©Chateau de Rambures


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The interior can be visited accompanied by a guide who will tell you all about life in this fantastic castle through the ages, as you pass through its fully furnished rooms. There are 600 years of history to be explored since the castle has belonged to the same family for six centuries. The dining room, medieval chamber, great drawing room, library and a host of other rooms all help you to imagine the daily life and history of this family down the centuries.

Rambures castle is surrounded by a superb informal garden (with the "jardin remarquable" label) with many hundred year old trees! There is an orchard at the far end of the grounds in which old varieties of apples are grown. The park also boasts a rose garden which currently contains 500 varieties, over 2,500 rosebushes - a delightful spot full of scents and colours... Next to it is a medieval style herb garden with medicinal, dye-producing and culinary plants.

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Dreams, mysteries, discoveries... legends & traditions!
Château de Rambures, Somme©Nicolas Bryant
Immersion au château de Rambures, Somme©Chateau de Rambures
Façade du Château de Rambures©SommeTourisme-DM
Visite château de Rambures en famille, Somme©Philippe Guillaume


Major events



  • April: Mystery at Rambures: characters in costume, leading an investigation , visitors are the heroes of the story
  • Mid July-late August: summer of fun and history (tours, workshops, treasure hunt)
  • 15th August: Feast of the Assumption of Mary (outdoor mass, procession, picnic in grounds)
  • September: European Heritage open days
  • Halloween: Rambures Horror Story

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"We needed a setting, in keeping with the castle, in which visitors could experience something dreamlike and mysterious. With this in mind, we decided to retain the entire wooded area with its lovely trees because it looks wild and a bit scary, a place of legends and traditions, while creating two other contrasting areas: the repository orchard and the rose garden."