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The Great War

A chapter of history


The Somme will ever remained scarred by war. The remains of trenches, shellholes and the many cemeteries and memorials are a constant reminder of the pain that was suffered here 100 years ago.

The Remembrance Trail, a circuit linking Albert and Péronne, two symbolic towns of the Great War, enables visitors to discover the main sites of remembrance.

2018 will be an exceptional year of remembrance, where thousands of visitors will come to the area in commemoration of the final battles of the Great War and the Armistice, signed on 11th November 1918.

Learn more about what happened in the Somme during these years of conflict

Over 20 different nationalities in this world within a world

Built with 10 million bricks, the Thiepval Memorial...

Discover our musuems devoted to ...

Trenches, mine craters, destroyed vegetation, villages razed to the ground...

100 year old history, profound emotion, prevailing peace

While fighting in the Somme, the former gold-diggers from Down Under were nicknamed the Diggers.

Life behind the lines reveals how soldiers occupied themselves

Say “Good-bye to All That” in Frise!

So many men are buried in military cemeteries in the Somme

215 enthusiasts provide visitors with a warm welcome throughout the year.

The bright red hue paid silent tribute to the blood shed by dying soldiers on the battlefield.


Memorial to the Missing


72 000 soldiers' names

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over the battlefields

Flight in a gyroplane


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Historial de la Grande Guerre à Péronne


The Historial is an internationally recognised museum dedicated to the historical, sociological and ethnological aspects of the First World War. It depicts daily life during the war using accounts...

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Aero'dom : Vol en autogyre


Unusual activity during which you can see the landscape from above, with a friendly guide who's also rather unusual and, above all, very enthusiastic!

Amiens - Arras

Remembrance Cycle Route

90 kilometres to understand history

To discover memorials and museums of the Great War

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Remembrance Trail


2014-2018 : centenary of the Great War

Commemorations, exhibitions, events

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