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Vous cherchez une activité sympa à faire dans le coin, un resto ou un bar pas trop loin ? C'est pas ici que ça se passe !

Archaeology, cave

Cité souterraine de Naours


The underground 'town' at Naours has lasted for centuries and you can now discover its history and secrets. It is an immense maze of passages dug out of the limestone of the Picardy plateau (33 metres below ground!). This extremely well organised underground refuge is one of the largest in northern
01 February 2018 to 31 March 2018

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Cathedrals, churches and abbeys

Tours de la Cathédrale


Be brave - climb the 307 steps to the top of the north tower of Amiens cathedral ... then you can enjoy the wonderful panoramic views over the town and surrounding countryside.



Planet Nautic, location de bateaux électriques à Amiens


Try exploring Amiens in a rather different way - aboard an electric boat hired from Planet Nautic!

Boat ride


Parks and Gardens

Jardin floral du Château de Digeon


Lidwine and Bruno welcome you to the lovely private garden which they have been lovingly restoring and redesigning since 1987 - pastureland converted into a shady flower park, gorgeous rose garden where you'll love to linger, remarkable French vegetable garden (with perfectly straight lines!). Well

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Espace Equestre Henson-Marquenterre


Explore the hidden face of the dunes when you ride around Le Marquenterre reserve on a Henson horse - one thousand hectares of sand dunes and pine trees. Your guide, who knows the site like the back of his hand, can tell you all about its history, flora and fauna. Wonderful panoramic views of the Ba
01 January 2017 to 31 December 2017

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Museums and places of interest

Musée de Picardie


Officially opened in 1867, in the presence of Napoleon III, this museum is worth a visit, both for its architecture and for its remarkable collections (from Prehistory right up to the modern day). Don't miss the Rotunda, an extraordinary work by Sol Le Witt, dating from 1992, and a superb example of

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Museums and places of interest

Mémorial et Musée Sud-Africains de Delville Wood


2 buildings constructed in 1926 commemorate the Battle of Delville Wood, renamed "Devil's wood" because the fighting was so fierce and South African losses were high. They stand on a large lawn edged with oak trees, grown from acorns brought from South Africa.


Remembrance sites

Mémorial Terre-Neuvien


The battlefield at the Newfoundland memorial gives you a moving and realistic idea of what the fighting must have been like. Three bronze plaques fixed to the base of the mound comprise the national Newfoundland memorial to the missing.
24 January 2018 to 31 March 2018


Remembrance sites

Lochnagar Crater


This spectacular blast hole, 91 metres across and 21 metres deep, is what remains of a series of explosions which took place on 1st July 1916. They marked the beginning of the Battle of the Somme for British troops.

Archaeology, cave



At Samara (15 km from Amiens) you can immerse yourself in history, in the footsteps of our ancestors, from the discovery/control of fire to the Gallo-Roman period. 600,000 years of the history of mankind retold in a vibrant, lifelike way. Lots of fun workshops for children. Possible to have lunch on
01 April 2018 to 04 November 2018

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