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Take to the water with Matthieu, in the Somme valley

Portrait Matthieu Décle, Dreuil-les-Amiens Téléski nautique Somme


Water ski instructor

Physiotherapist and osteopath in Amiens, Matthieu loves ski, snow & surf sports and has just opened, with his mates, Stéphane and Clément, a wakeboarding and cable water skiing centre in the Somme valley!

My advice for getting the most from the "Amiens Cable Park" experience

Amiens Cable Park is the perfect spot for enjoying the fun of skiing/surfing in a lovely countryside setting!! My advice: don't forget to bring a towel. It'll be useful after a ride session but also to lie or sit on in one of our peaceful relaxation spots!

My favourite cable water ski sensations

Air-Tricks! These are figures you can perform when the cable is taut, going up in the air in very … spectacular style!

My love for the Somme valley

For me, the Somme valley has some of the most varied scenery in France! Wherever you are, you'll be surprised by the incredible number of species it has, both plants and wildlife, with the Baie de Somme as its high point.

My secret place to go in the valley

Amiens Cable Park of course (but there's nothing secret about it ;) )

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Amiens Cable Park
Etang du milieu, route d'Argoeuves
80470 Dreuil-lès-Amiens 

Phone : 06 33 25 81 27 
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